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So, you’re a girl who likes girls. (Some of) us, too! The LGBT community as a whole has definitely made a lot of progress over the last few decades. As such, more & more lesbian women are coming “out of the closet,” which has actually done a lot to increase our options when it comes to hookups & serious dating options. If you clicked on this article, you’re probably interested in learning the easiest way to find a perfect hookup with local lesbian women in your area on Hookupsource. You’ll be happy to learn that not only do we have a long list of tips for you, but we’ll also give you advice on how to reach 100% success when you use our site as well! Are you ready to start easily finding beautiful women online (& then meeting up with them in real life)? Keep scrolling!

Is It Hard to Meet a Lesbian Woman?

Nope! While it’s definitely not as easy for women to find potential lady partners (either for serious dating or a simple hookup) as our straight counterparts, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s hard either. True, we obviously don’t always have quite as many partner options, but the online dating community at Hookupsource has certainly made it much easier to meet lesbian women online, even if you don’t live in a populated, urban area. With location-based matchmaking being what it is, you can simply join our lesbian hookup or dating site & be instantly presented with a list of local lesbians, making the search for a partner breeze by!

Of course, you can always use the “real world” approach if you want. This obviously isn’t a suitable option for ladies who haven’t “come out of the closet” yet, but for us that have, real-world interactions can actually work wonders for easily finding a hookup. On a good day, you could definitely meet tons of potential partners. However, most of the time, you’ll actually be spending more time drinking at the bar than enjoying an amazing hookup with a sexy lady. This is precisely why online dating at our service is definitely a better way to meet women: you can instantly connect with local lesbians, rather than having to go out searching for them!

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Have You “Experts” Even Hooked Up With a Single Girl?

Yes, we have! While we certainly do have plenty of straight men & women on our staff, we (the lesbian staff members) were selected to write this lesbian hookup article about dating at Hookupsource because we definitely DO have the experience to tell you the do’s (& don’ts) of hooking up online. Naturally, we’ve been around for a bit, so we’ve tried nearly every approach imaginable to find a W4W hookup. The “real world” approach? Yep, we’ve actually tried it. Thousands of dollars & hundreds of hours later, unfortunately, we still had a relatively low body count. To be fair, one of our members did meet her partner that way, but she’s actually the only one (out of eleven lesbian staff members). The rest of us all met our partners online on this exact site! Of course, we also found that it’s definitely much easier to find an amazing hookup online than by barhopping, but you can stick with that approach if you want. Just be aware that you’re wasting money!

Our members (both staff and online daters in our community) found that using lesbian hookup sites has done wonders, not only for their sex life but their love life as well. While most lesbian singles are looking purely for a perfect hookup, there’s always plenty of girls who are actually searching for more (they just don’t want to say anything because of previous heartbreaks). If you’re in the online lesbian hookup scene long enough, then you’re sure to find one of these beauties, especially when using a site like Hookupsource!

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How Do I Connect With These Lesbian Girls?

Ah, the age-old challenge of finding a lesbian hookup without actually “coming out.” Well, here’s the bad news: you’re unfortunately going to have to “come out,” at least on the site. If not, how is anyone going to know you’re interested? The good news: our lesbian hookup site actually limits member identities to other members only!However, after you’ve joined our lesbian hookup service, you will certainly want to mention that you haven’t come out yet, either in your profile or when you start chatting with that cute lesbian down the street. It might seem like a hard conversation, but trust us: we’ve all been there before. You actually don’t need to worry about being judged, but you do need to be honest. If this girl decides she wants a long-term relationship with you, then you’ll definitely need to be clear about what you’re willing (or not willing) to do to win her heart.

On the other hand, if you’re in “hookup only” mode, then coming out won’t be much of an issue. If you’re worried about someone nearby finding out you’re a lesbian, then location-based matchmaking will quickly become your best friend. This popular feature at Hookupsource shows you lesbian singles based on where you are at the time & also allows you to set distance limitations. That means if you don’t want a hookup with a local girl, you can just look at her distance from you. If she’s too close, search for someone farther away!


Dating Lesbians Is Easy Here!

At this point, you’re probably wondering why we recommend our site. We’re glad you asked! Here are a few of our favorite highlights:

  • The Like Gallery - If you’ve ever used other matchmaking platforms before, then you’re probably familiar with how this feature works. Swipe-based matchmaking continually shows you the prettiest ladies in your area. Once you find a lesbian who catches your eye, just send her a “Like! You can actually use this feature for free. After that happens, the conversations can begin!
  • Ease of use - Although this site has several hundred thousand members, it does offer a very easy process for finding a great hookup, a date, or anything else you might be after! Since when you sign up as a lesbian, you have access to female-exclusive W4W dating features, you can always enjoy a sexual harassment-free time browsing through local lesbian singles.
  • Discreet Safe Dating - If you’re still “in the closet,” perhaps a purely online long-distance romance is right up your alley. If so, with the Safe Dating feature, we’re probably the best option for you! Lesbian singles around the world use this site & (thanks to our thought-out verification system) can safely talk and mingle without ever worrying about anything!
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Discover Lesbian Singles and Impress Them Today!

We offer plenty of features for finding a lesbian relationship or hookup, but the basic online dating rules still apply. What does this mean? Once you complete your profile, you’re ready to go and sail into your romantic journey. Checking out singles at Hookupsource is the instant turn-on and a perfect way to know what they are looking for and what you can offer them. Take other users’ profiles as an example and fill out your own accordingly to successfully charm your next lesbian hookup.

Having a hookup here is easy as pie. Scroll through the local matchmaking database and find a girl you like or launch the Like Gallery and swipe pictures of ladies that are up to your alley right and others – left! Once you match, or when she responds to your message, it means that you like each other, and you can take it from here. Offer her a hookup and meet once she agrees to have a steamy encounter! That’s what our site is all about.

The outstanding amount of the nearby lesbian singles you’ll find at our site may overwhelm you, but it’s easy to adapt. When all ladies here are beautiful, read their profiles to find the most compatible ones. Some may be looking for a long-term relationship, others – for a hot one-night hookup, select your possible matches depending on your priorities, and you’ll have a fantastic time.

How Do I Start Finding Lesbian Hookups Near Me?

Start by joining our lesbian hookup site; we listed the reasons above! In the highly unlikely event that you don’t have any luck, not to worry: online hookup & dating features at HookupSource.com allow you to extend your reach and connect with girls all over the world!

Remember, perfect matches aren’t made overnight, so if you don’t get a hookup in the first week, don’t drag yourself down. It can actually take new members a bit to start making friends, but it will definitely be worth it in the end. As long as you stay active, post up-to-date pictures, & aren’t afraid to flirt a little in the DMs, we know you’ll certainly be having a hookup in no time!