A Cougar Hookup Is the Sex You Need!

Most of us have been around the block before, enjoying sex with women around the same age. That’s all good & great, but the problem with younger women is that they often lack the sexual expertise of their cougar counterparts. Of course, many men fantasize about having a hookup with a sexy cougar. However, few actually get the opportunity to do so! Fortunately, here at HookupSource.com, we’ve created this cougar hookup guide for guys like you: the ones who WANT to hook up with a cougar but aren’t quite sure where to start.

It’s actually not as challenging as one might think. You simply need to know where to look, how to open a conversation, & what to do (and not do) during your encounter. Once you’re armed with this knowledge, finding (& hooking up with) a mature woman will actually be a breeze! You’re definitely in the right place to boost your sex life; all you need to do is keep reading...

Connect With Real Cougars

Below, you’ll find a list of the best cougar dating sites! While many cougar singles do use online dating websites to look for real relationships, just as many use them for finding a hookup. The sites we recommend are specifically for finding a cougar hookup, so you actually won’t have to worry about sending the wrong message; here are why we have selected them:55% of users are real ladies seeking company

The best trait any dating site can have is its audience. We’ve picked these particular services for having a huge chunk of a member base consisting of mature and hot ladies.87% of conversations end up in a first-night hookup

When anyone logs in on a dating site, they want one thing and one thing only – to get laid. Thankfully, these platforms are bot-free, so both men and women want the same thing and usually quickly arrange a meetup to have it. 79% of members stay to use the sites regularly

One successful encounter means the site has potential; multiple successful encounters means you’ve stepped up on a goldmine! That’s what the users that we’ve interviewed feel like regarding these 5 platforms.32% have had their hookup turn into a long-term relationship

It may be unexpected by some, but having sexual chemistry may translate into having a relationship. Several users did and felt great about it.

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The Importance of Using Only the Best Cougar Hookup Sites

As previously mentioned, knowing which cougar hookup sites to use is important. While there are many cougar hookup dating sites online today, not all of them are created equal. Many share the same features, but advanced features like video chat are actually far less important to your success than things like user base size & site activity. Some hookup sites are also loaded with bots, which can make it hard to tell if a site is legit or not. As you’d probably imagine, there’s nothing worse than wasting time chatting with a bot when you could be making real progress with an actual woman!

These sites below will help you find the perfect hookup. We recommend comparing each of them before making a commitment, though, finding local cougar sex will vary depending on where you live. Having an active user base ensures that you’ll be able to find multiple hookups fast, so definitely keep this in mind when selecting a service!

Best Craigslist Hookup Site - FlirtyCougars.com

Arguably the most important part of finding a cougar hookup is knowing where to look. If you’re just beginning the quest, it can definitely be very time-consuming to learn this as-you-go, since trial & error will take lots of time (and certainly cost quite a bit of money!). Thankfully, FlirtyCougars takes the pressure out of the search, as this niche site is all about connecting with a hot mature lady! This site is mostly used in the USA and has a few exciting features, like mass messaging all cougars in your area to announce your presence and quick matchmaking with the Like Gallery feature. Since 65% of users are mature ladies, finding a match won’t be a challenge for any guy signing up here.

Best Site for Hookup Mature - Maturesforfuck.com

With over 1.1 million members from the United States alone, there certainly isn’t a shortage of cougar women on this dedicated cougar hookup site! Maturesforfuck is actually popular across the world, so while you can definitely use it for finding a local woman, there are also plenty of international ladies to get dirty with in the DMs. Like the site above, this cougar hookup service offers search features you can use to find the perfect partners with ease. As the name suggests, Maturesforfuck is purely for singles looking for sex, so if you’re looking for a serious relationship, then this probably isn’t the site for you.

Find Cougars & Matures Here - WantMatures.com

Are you looking for something beyond older women hook ups? If so, WantMatures is the best option! This site is actually multipurpose since you can use it to find cougar women interested in one-time dates, but also for finding long-term relationships. The user base isn’t quite as large as the sites listed above, though the high activity level makes this irrelevant. Most of the members are above the age of 35, which means that finding a hookup won’t be much of a challenge. A lot of the cougar members are divorcées as well if you’re into that type of thing!

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Why Cougars Looking for Sex Love Younger Men

You probably already know that sexual impotence becomes a problem as you age. If you can’t keep it up, your partner is likely to be displeased. This explains why many cougar women prefer younger men: getting hard & staying hard definitely isn’t an issue! Of course, there are chemical solutions for that issue, but cougars dating younger men also get another benefit: their partners are young, fit, & always DTF! While going beyond a simple hookup to an actual relationship with a cougar might not in your goals, being young makes it very easy to accomplish this (should you choose to do so). While all of the hookup sites above can help you get laid, we recommend WantMatures if you’re looking for something more than “just a hookup.”


How to Pick Up Cougar Women

Picking up a cougar is a lot like picking up younger women, although (in this case) your age may give you an advantage! With any hookup, sexual chemistry is important. This chemistry is usually initiated at the beginning of a conversation, so you’ll want to practice your flirting skills on a “regular” dating site before joining a hookup cougar site. If you do, you’ll be able to nearly guarantee a hookup with every cougar you chat with!

Keeping things light & flirtatious also helps make the initial hookup more comfortable since you’ll already know a bit about the other person (such as their likes, dislikes, and sense of humor). When in doubt, a few jokes could be the difference between getting the cougar hookup or not, so try to figure out their sense of humor right away. Women love it when you can make them laugh!

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  • Complete Your Profile - You’ll struggle to find a hookup with an incomplete profile. Older women love details even more than young ones, so make sure to fill in all of your info for the best results!
  • Be Honest - This is especially true if you’re looking for a relationship, but even if you just want a hookup, honesty is key. Cougar women can see right through any lies, so don’t say you’re rich or ripped if you’re not. It’s counterproductive.
  • Be Upfront - If you want to hook up cougars for a threesome, let that be known. If you want a long-term relationship, say it. Just want a hookup? Let your partner know. Beating around the bush wastes valuable time better spent getting laid!
  • Chat With Multiple Cougar Women - When it comes to finding the most women in the shortest amount of time, talking to one lady at a time isn’t a good strategy. One of the advantages of online dating services is that other singles can’t tell who you’re talking to, which means you can talk to multiple women at once! While you might want to avoid doing this if you’re in a relationship, talking to one person at a time is simply unnecessary for casual sex. If you’re always chatting with at least two women, you’ll never have any trouble getting laid on short notice!
  • Try Multiple Cougar Hookup Services - Different websites have different users, and some may be more popular than others in certain locations. You should try more than one site to see which one works best where you currently live. The same is true if you go traveling. Your preferred site might not be the best for wherever you’re traveling to, but another site could be perfect! Of course, you can also use multiple sites at the same time. This will cost you a bit more in membership fees but could also help you get laid more often. Ultimately, it’s up to you which services you use.

HookupSource Helps You Meet Hot Cougars

So, you’ve made it this far: congratulations! You now know the best websites to find your next cougar hook up online! Here at HookupSource, we are dedicated to helping guys like yourself find the perfect sex partners, both locally & abroad. As you can see, getting a cougar hookup isn’t as hard as you may have previously thought. It just takes a bit of knowledge!

So, which hookup site are you going to sign up for first? Perhaps you want to start flirting and see where it goes on Flirty Cougars? Maybe you just want to jump headfirst into the sex on Maturesforfuck! On the other hand, maybe you’d like something beyond a simple hookup. If that’s the case, you’re sure to find your mature soulmate on WantMatures! Regardless of what your relationship goals are, the sites above are sure to help you achieve them, so what are you waiting for? The perfect mature woman is out there for you, so pick out the site for you & go find her today. Have fun, lads!