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Finding sex partners isn’t as hard as it used to be (before the popularity of dating apps). Still, that doesn’t mean it’s always a walk in the park. This is especially true if you’re not sure where to start. Using the wrong service(s) not only takes up time & wastes money, but it might not even help you get laid—no good!

This article was written for guys who want to get laid but haven’t had any luck meeting ladies on the Internet. If this sounds like you, then good news: you’re in the right place! Knowing where to look is vital to your success in finding sex hookups online. Of course, staying on top of your flirting game is important too, but we’ll get to that later! For now, just start thinking about the type(s) of girls you’d like to get with. PAWGs? Latinas? Black girls? They’re just a few clicks away!

Meet Women for Sex on HookupSource is your guide for finding sex online. Not only do we provide singles like yourself with the best opportunities for sex hookups, but we also give you all the tips & tricks you’ll need to know about. If this is your first time using an online hook site, here are a few tips to welcome you to the lifestyle!

  • Don’t skimp on the details during signup. Women like to know who they’re getting with, even for casual mingling. While things like your job, living situation, or astrological sign might not seem important for hooking up, they still consider these things, so complete your profile information!
  • First impressions are everything. As such, you’ll want to make sure the profile photos you upload are 10/10. Consider getting a second opinion before posting a photo to make sure they’re up to par.
  • Keep it personal. When messaging a girl for the first time, avoid basic “hey,” “hi,” or “what’s up?” messages. Chances are, she gets a million of these per day. You need to stand out if you want to get laid at HookupSource!
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The time’s almost here, boys! The casual sex hookup sites like ours are sure to take your intimate life to the next level, but this is a power to yield responsibly. Remember, always use protection & basic safety precautions when finding hookups online. We have selected several services to ensure you can hook up almost immediately after signing up and starting your search for a lady, and here are these sites that got into our scope:83% of encounters end up in bed

Some services offer to match you up with a life partner, and others promise you’ll get laid tonight! These 5 services are from the latter type, and they are effective at what they do.76% of users enjoy matchmaking features When some say they only need a list of users to select a potential partner to charm, most people prefer multiple features to connect with a partner. These sites provide you with both!61% of members are women

It’s rare to see sites where ladies are the majority, but we have selected several of these gems. Hooking up is much easier when there’s a huge selection available!49% go out for the second time When intimacy is good, why not turn a hookup into the friends with benefits situation? That’s what almost half of the users at these sites think!

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Top 5 Best Sex Hookup Sites

1. Overall Best Hookup Site -

When you just want to get laid fast (and often), NaughtyDate is the go-to site! Although this sex site doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app, you can still easily find hookups on your phone using the mobile-optimized browser version. Unlike some other services, this site isn’t NSFW, so you can use it anywhere without fear of judgment. This site is very popular with younger singles, although there are older members if you’re looking to hook up with a MILF. Free users only get five chats, though, which means upgrading is a necessity. Still, you’re almost guaranteed to get laid on NaughtyDate, so signing up is actually worth it.

2. Best Hookup Site for One Night Stands -

Want over half a million members to choose from? If so, IamNaughty is the sex site for you! Most members fall between the ages of 25 to 49, making IamNaughty a good option for hookups for the under-50 crowd. Free members get five chats like the site above, but unlike NaughtyDate, free members on IamNaughty get five free chats PER DAY! This means you can actually use the site for free, albeit with some limitations. IamNaughty includes all the basics you’ll want for finding local ladies, such as search (with filters), instant matching, and mass messaging, which helps you reach lots of potential partners in a single click.

3. Best for Sex Hookup -

Although relatively new to the online dating scene, HookupDaters is a great option for singles who want to find quick dates or FWBs. As expected, this site is all about casual sex, so don’t expect to meet your soul mate here: horny people only! The site has a fairly even split when it comes to gender ratios, which is good because it means most singles will find a match. The downside? HookupDaters doesn’t have as large of a user base as more popular sites, which means it might not work for finding hookups in rural areas.

4. Find Sex Hookup on

If you’re looking for a site full of beautiful women willing to have sex (& you want one for finding hookups anywhere), then Together2night is the site you should be signing up for! With a worldwide user base of over 1.5 million people, you’ll never struggle to find ho guys or girls in your area. People of all sexual orientations join this service, which makes it a great option for the LGBT community as well. Since the site supports media messaging, you can exchange hot photos with any matches you find before meeting up!

5. Best for Casual Hookups -

As an older & more established hookup site, OneNightFriend is the perfect beginner website for finding hookups online. Since the user base is so large on this website, it actually is possible to connect with singles looking for more than just sex here (although you would still be better off on an actual dating site). The online crowd here tends to be 34 or under, making it best for young adults & horny college students. However, the site is also great for frequent travelers as well, since the worldwide user base means you can match with someone basically wherever you go!


Three of the Best Apps for Sex Hookups On-the-go

Although desktop sex hookups still remain popular, these days, mobile hookups seem to be the go-to for most newcomers to the online scene. As such, no article on the topic would be complete without a list of recommended mobile services! While “mobile optimized” might be enough for some people, most mobile users prefer dedicated apps instead. These have the advantage of offering “push notifications,” which alert the user when they have a message, match, or something else to look at. If you’re the type of guy (or gal) who prefers the mobile experience to the desktop one, here are three great services you’ll want to check out for casual mingling on the go.

1. Universal Dating App for Sex

With over half a million members in the US, BeNaughty is the ideal on-the-go sex dating app for singles of all ages. Surprisingly, BeNaughty has a lot of users over the age of 50, although (to be fair) people of all ages use this platform. Unfortunately, while there is a dedicated app available for mobile hookups, the BeNaughty can be very well called an app, since it currently offers the best mobile-optimized experience that we’re seen, including notifications and convenient messaging.

2. Best 100% Free Hookup Site - Bumble

If you’re a woman who wants to get laid (but is REALLY tired of getting unsolicited dick pics), then Bumble is your best option! Ladies get the first say on Bumble, which means you’ll need to initiate the conversation before the option for sex opens up. The free version of Bumble (which includes all the necessary features like chat & matchmaking) gives users 24 hours to respond to a match, which encourages members to stay active on the platform if they want to enjoy multiple hookups.

3. Low Effort Local Hookups - Adult Friend Finder

If you combined casual sex, affair hookups, and pornography onto one site, what would you end up with? Adult Friend Finder, of course! In addition to helping you find nearby horny singles, AFF also features a wide variety of XXX cam streams, fan-fiction erotica, & even a “Sex Academy” for the sexually inexperienced. No matter what your sexual desires are (or aren’t), AFF is sure to have everything you’ll need to satisfy them!

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It’s Easy to Hook Up for Sex

Thanks to the wondrous invention we call the Internet, sex is no longer something that’s hard to obtain. Whereas previous generations may have had to wait until their 20s’ to get laid, singles these days are getting laid nearly every day, sometimes more! Of course, people have always been horny, but the options used to be limited purely to people you personally knew. Nowadays, you can meet new people simply by picking up a mobile device, & designated sex sites instantly connect you with other singles looking for hookups, making the process painless.

Naturally, with how common casual sex is today, the stigma of how sex outside of marriage is seen has changed as well. In the past, mingling outside of marriage was seen as “wrong, unholy”, or “disgusting” Thankfully, the current generations are much more positive than their predecessors, so singles around the world (for the most part) can enjoy casual relationships without fear of judgment from their peers.

Older horny individuals tend to prefer desktop services, but many younger people take advantage of them. Desktop sites are better for at-home hookup finding, where you can relax in front of your computer. They work better for messaging multiple people at once too since your screen won’t be full of notifications & chat boxes. The downside is that uploading photos or videos to these platforms might be a bit more complicated since most people take photos/videos on their phones. You’ll need to import these files over to your desktop before you can upload them, which can be a pain.

Alternatively, mobile devices can not only record photos/videos but upload them directly! Mobile apps have the disadvantage of taking up valuable storage space on your phone, giving you a smaller space to work with, & providing a constant stream of popup notifications. Still, mobile sex hookup apps that work well are often preferred by younger singles since they can still find horny people while out & about, something that can’t be done with a desktop service.

FWB Vs. One-time Sexual Hookups

First things first: what is an FWB? “FWB” (Friend With Benefits) is a person that you have consistent sexual relations with, but there’s nothing going on beyond that. That means no romance and generally no cuddling or kissing. This type of relationship is perfect for people who want to have their sexual needs met without dealing with the responsibilities that come along with an “actual relationship.” Of course, an FWB setup isn’t exclusive, so jealousy is one complication that may come up along the way.

As the name implies, a “one-time sexual hookup” is exactly that: you have sex with this person once & never again. These types of interactions are especially popular on mobile apps since you can easily find a new partner every day using your favorite hookup sex app. The downside of constant hookups is that your risk of catching an STD increases with every person that you have sex with. As such, if you’re constantly hooking up with new people, you should always use protection & get tested regularly. No one wants to deal with the unforeseen complications of an STD or unwanted pregnancies, so “protect yourself before you wreck yourself”!

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Here at, we aim to be your go-to gurus for anything sexual. Whether you’re curious about how to find a sex hookup, looking for casual sex, or want to know new positions for bedroom adventures, we’re here to help and provide you with the best opportunities for mingling! We get it—maintaining an active intimate life full of hookups can be challenging. Just know that you don’t have to do it alone. We’re always here to help you get laid, save money, & meet new sexy people online!